About Us


Health Fidelity, Inc.

Dan Riskin, M.D., Anand Shroff and Yan Chow, M.D conceived Health Fidelity in 2008. Having served in leadership roles in healthcare technology, health systems, clinical medicine and policy, the three professionals predicted an impending shift in healthcare data needs. Realizing that healthcare quality improvement and cost reduction depended on quality measures, clinical intervention and feedback loops, they focused on how to transform healthcare with data. Their vision: Use big data in healthcare, addressing the 80 percent of healthcare information that remains unstructured and unused, to propel healthcare quality improvement and cost reduction.

Who We Are

Menlo Park, Calif.-based Health Fidelity, Inc. is a leading healthcare big data company. REVEAL, our breakthrough clinical NLP platform, built around the world’s most accurate, reliable and studied NLP technology, enables real-time extraction, normalization, structuring and coding of unstructured information for a multitude of healthcare applications such as quality measurement and analytics, electronic health record, clinical decision support, medical transcription, and revenue cycle management. These applications rely upon the power of REVEAL to enable end users to make more accurate, timely and evidence-based clinical decisions, monitor and improve care quality, drive operational efficiency and accelerate healthcare transformation.