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About Health Fidelity, Inc.

Health Fidelity, Inc., based in San Mateo, Calif., is a healthcare big data analytics company. The company is currently focused on leveraging their proprietary natural language processing (NLP) and inference platform to help organizations to address risk and quality in value-based payment models. This powerful platform can also enable application developers to leverage vast amounts of unstructured and discrete data to provide unique clinical and financial insights.


Health Fidelity was founded in 2011 by Dr. Dan Riskin, Anand Shroff and Dr. Yan Chow. Having served in leadership roles in healthcare technology, health systems, clinical medicine and policy, the three professionals predicted an impending shift in healthcare data needs. Realizing that healthcare quality improvement and cost reduction depended on quality measures, clinical intervention and feedback loops, they focused on how to transform healthcare with data. Their vision: Use big data in healthcare, addressing the 80 percent of healthcare information that remains unstructured and unused, to propel healthcare quality improvement and cost reduction.