Health Fidelity REVEAL™

Health Fidelity’s core solution is REVEAL™, a robust clinical natural language processing (NLP) platform that integrates Health Fidelity’s proprietary NLP technologies with MedLEE, one of the world’s best known, most proven, and most advanced clinical NLP engines.

REVEAL™ enables automated extraction of usable data from unstructured clinical text while coding to SNOMED, a rich clinical ontology. The result is a robust data layer able to power the next generation of applications to address quality, billing, clinical research, and challenges inherent in meaningful use, accountable care organizations, and ICD-10 conversion.

Key Benefits

  • Faster, more efficient data collection, which saves time and money.
  • Mapped to SNOMED for more relevant and granular coding: 40-50 highly granular codes per encounter note vs. 4-5 low granularity codes collected using traditional manual processes.
  • Available as an easy-to-integrate cloud-based service.
Old Data Layer Next Generation Data Layer (enabled by REVEAL™)
Collection process Manual Automated
Source data Claims and administrative data with minimal use of clinical notes Primary source documents including unstructured clinical narrative text
Coding granularity Mapped to ICD-9, a billing lexicon (4-5 billing-level codes per encounter note) Mapped to SNOMED, a clinical ontology (40-50 highly granular codes per encounter note)

Application Partnerships

Health Fidelity works closely with solution partners to build next-generation applications on top of a robust data layer through REVEAL™. Several applications are on the market or in development. Please stay tuned for more details.

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