Core Technology

Health Fidelity’s REVEAL platform is the world’s most advanced and proven clinical NLP technology. The product incorporates the renowned Medical Language Encoding and Extraction (MedLEE)┬ásystem from Columbia University, encompassing more than 20 years of content and logic development, supported by the earliest patents in the space, referenced more than any other healthcare NLP engine in the scientific literature, and validated by hundreds of successful cutting edge projects including outcomes measurement, quality improvement, readmission reduction, and adverse events detection. Next generation technologies incorporated within REVEAL include clinical content modeling, schema support, and web services deployment, representing the vanguard in clinical NLP.

Healthcare is a complex domain with specialized language. For a healthcare NLP technology to deliver the highest quality richness and accuracy, a vast base of language must be compiled and understood. We have invested years in building the content, logic, expertise and experience needed to handle the broadest range of healthcare use cases.

Concept Recognition and Coding

Our technology recognizes clinical concepts at the most granular level. We utilize best-of-breed terminology mediation technology to code identified clinical concepts to industry standard code sets such as ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT-4, SNOMED, RxNorm, and LOINC. This makes our output suitable to support a broad range of applications, including quality measurement and analytics, EMR/EHR, clinical decision support (CDS), medical transcription and clinical documentation improvement (CDI), revenue cycle management and health information exchange (HIE).

Information Retrieval

Our technology is also the easiest to use and integrate into existing workflows. We have built user-friendly tools that speed information retrieval and simplify the consumption of rich NLP output.