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You can’t manage risk if you can’t see the whole picture. Lumanent™ accurately reflects patients’ health status via actionable clinical insights for better care and more complete reimbursement.

Health Fidelity is transforming risk adjustment. Through our solutions and expert services, we enable organizations participating in Medicare Advantage, ACA commercial, Managed Medicaid, and/or Medicare ACO programs to automate risk adjustment with the application of natural language processing.

With Lumanent, you gain unrivaled visibility into, and control and predictability of, your risk adjustment process, to realize improvements in financial, clinical, and operational performance. The EHR-integrated, modular suite spans the continuum of care and reduces the non-clinical workload of physicians, making the transition to downside risk more palatable.

Transform Risk Adjustment

Payers and providers alike can enjoy purpose-built solutions for their individual risk-based needs. Our end-to-end solutions uncover risk – with greater accuracy, guidance, and information – than ever before. Payers can submit and process claims with new confidence. In the provider setting, organizations enjoy the same, while Lumanent also supports a more accurate and actionable holistic picture of patient populations.

Gain a Technological Edge

Our natural language processing (NLP) technology provides an automated method to analyze clinical documentation to identify hidden risk factors and extract valuable insights from medical charts.