in downside risk

Find the upside


Insights Revealed

The volume and complexity of individual patient records, from encounter notes to lab results, even pharmacy documentation, increases annually. However, the vast majority of this data is unstructured and difficult to harness; obscuring the understanding and completeness of patient intelligence. That’s why Health Fidelity uses the most advanced clinical NLP on the market to read, analyze, and provide insights to clinical and administrative teams from unstructured data sources. These insights are used everywhere from preparing for a patient visit to final claim data submission.

Risk Understood

Lumanent moves all available patient data through two levels of its artificial intelligence engine, Lumanent Insights. The core NLP, developed through decades of painstaking (and ongoing) clinical, computational, and linguistic refinement at Columbia University, processes the data into digestible content that is machine compatible. The inference layer then ranks, sorts, and prioritizes that data, distilling it into actionable insights which are delivered to the end user.

Across the care continuum, relevant members of the team, from coders, to support staff, to clinicians, are served analytics that help them better perform their specialized function via integrated applications.


With Lumanent, risk is more readily addressed by:

  • Uncovering conditions previously missed or under-documented
  • Flagging unwarranted codes for removal
  • Prioritizing patients for review to maximize efficiency and gap closure

Care Informed

With Lumanent, risk is re-centered around the patient, bringing a comprehensive picture of their health status and conditions to the clinician, where and when it’s needed.

All of this leaves the care team unified in understanding the depth and complexity of their patients, more able to plan effective treatment, and, as a result, more empowered to improve patient care.


  • Integrates into your existing EHR workflow
  • Doesn’t burden doctors with additional non-clinical work
  • Smooths patient handoff between physicians
  • Unburdens the patient from repeatedly recounting their medical history

Have the clarity, control, and confidence to pursue risk.

As organizations accept downside risk, they must effectively document the health status of the covered populations. Lumanent gives your clinical team the technology driven insights they need to understand risk and inform their care within the familiar EHR workflow. With Lumanent, your organization can customize your deployment approach, selecting the modules required to provide a higher quality of care while also supporting compliance and revenue.

To learn more about Lumanent, check out our Provider Solutions page.