Capture all RAF and compliance issues
with a technology-enabled second-pass review


Ensure a comprehensive, correct, and complete filing prior to your final submission with minimal effort. With our natural language processing (NLP) engine, we automate the ingestion and analysis of administrative and clinical data to quickly uncover missed revenue and unsubstantiated claims. It’s a proven method that delivers results for organizations like yours.

Powerful Results*

*Consolidated client outcomes from recent second pass engagements

How we do it:

First… Spend Less

We start by processing all available charts through the NLP to isolate those that contain outstanding risk conditions. Rather than paying for all members to be coded a second time, our customers only pay for the coding of members that have opportunity.

Then… Find More

We then provide coders (either yours or ours) with the prioritized list of members to review according to coding opportunity. The software highlights the relevant sections of the chart containing the evidence, reducing the time required to identify additional codes to be captured.


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HCC Scout retrospective dashboard provides real-time visibility into coding progress and performance.

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