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  • Our CCO Robin Lloyd shares the complexity, inevitability, and opportunity in taking on risk in today's healthcare landscape, all while remaining focused on patient outcomes in this article from First Report Managed Care.

  • UPMC is investing in, and leveraging, NLP to make unstructured data in healthcare accessible and actionable. UPMC uses Health Fidelity's NLP engine to optimize their risk adjustment, and has also selected Health Fidelity’s HF360 Provider solution to standardize the risk capture process across all populations and increase efficiency.

  • Health Fidelity partners with Change Healthcare to offer AI-driven risk adjustment coding solutions for Medicare Advantage, ACA commercial, and Medicaid health plans. Transforming a manual task into a automated process will help payers ensure complete and accurate coding.

  • Change Healthcare embeds Health Fidelity's natural language (NLP) and machine learning technology to provide a risk adjustment solution that will offer better compliance and more precise reimbursement.

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  • Healthcare is a technological paradox. On the clinical side, the bleeding edge of science and engineering present physicians with increasingly greater imaging tools, robotic surgical devices, gene-targeted therapy: the limits of what is technologically possible in healthcare are in lockstep with the limits of human understanding. At the same time, despite two decades of explosive […]

  • Concurrent coding is an alternative audit process to correct documentation and coding errors that immediately follows the physician visit, before a claim is submitted for payment. Physicians are not coders, so concurrent coding finds billing oversights that physicians might overlook in the rush to complete electronic paperwork. Automating concurrent coding is available with the Lumanent Post-Encounter Review module from Health Fidelity.

  • As providers take on increasing levels of risk, they need to understand the maturity of their processes, the workflows they need to optimize, and the levers they can pull to improve their risk adjustment outcomes. Find out how our risk capture maturity model can help you plan your improvement path forward.

  • Given the importance of patient charts to an organization’s success in risk adjustment, Health Fidelity's data acquisition technology can alleviate the burden of manual retrieval while also improving ROI.

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