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  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) is uncovering a treasure trove of information, but there are three key issues organizations must address to pull off a successful NLP implementation. Find out what they are in this in-depth look at how to maximize the power of this emerging technology.

  • Contrary to popular belief, AI technologies will actually increase doctor-patient face-time – not limit it. Anand Shroff shares 3 ways in which AI allows for more doctor-patient interaction in Inside Big Data.

  • There are opportunities for AI to help reduce physician burnout. One such application is leveraging AI in diagnosis coding and risk adjustment, saving physicians the task of tracking quality measure specifications.

  • Read about the six skills Managed Healthcare Executive has identified as crucial to the success of healthcare leaders. Health Fidelity CEO Steve Whitehurst discusses the importance of embracing change in today's environment of exponential technologies.

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