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Enhance Value-Based Care

Risk-based payment models allow providers to showcase their considerable patient and quality expertise but frequently present challenges that can be difficult and time consuming to resolve. Our HF360 Blueprint methodology takes a customized approach to each provider’s needs to create a personalized roadmap for success in value-based arrangements.

Understand Population Risk

Obtaining a complete and accurate picture of your patient population’s acuity is critical to performance, yet many risk-bearing providers lack the infrastructure and tools to do so. Whether you are participating in public or private risk-sharing arrangements, we take a patient-centric approach to understanding the risk underlying all covered populations by setting up a comprehensive risk adjustment program.

Elevate Performance

  • Increase Risk Capture Completeness & Accuracy
  • Better Engage Physicians with Actionable Data
  • Optimize ROI through Risk Stratification
  • Ensure Compliant Practices
  • Reduce Administrative Burden with Technology

HF360 Risk Adjustment
for Risk-Bearing Providers

Our flexible suite of services and technologies can be tailored to meet any risk-bearing entity’s needs, regardless of size or risk-sharing maturity. HF360 Risk Adjustment can be adopted in a phased approach in order to capitalize on available resources and organizational readiness.


  • Analytics based on administative and NLP-clinical data
  • Targeted patient outreach and scheduling
  • Physician and staff education on coding and documentation guidelines

During Encounter:

  • Delivery of verified gaps in care and documentation
  • Gap closure at the point-of-care
  • Accurate and complete encounter documentation


  • NLP-enabled coding review for completeness and compliance
  • Accurate diagnoses on outbound claims
  • Analytics updates allow for tracking additional gaps as needed

The Health Fidelity Approach

We use our proven model to understand the key business characteristics of our clients, identify and assess the opportunity for risk optimization, determine network readiness, and finally implement our solution to measure the improvement and delivered ROI.

HF360 Blueprint


Discovery & Data Collection

Review current processes

Evaluate current

Compilation of all current activities and processes


Financial Opportunity

Search for revenue opportunity

Analyze historical

Financial opportunities


Clinical Data Landscape

Document data availability

Discuss chart retrieval efforts/vendors

Inventory of all data sources


Network Readiness

Understand organization readiness

Reflect on internal readiness

Gaps in organizational alignment



Develop your HF360 Blueprint

Identify methods of improvement

Roadmap to improvement

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