Retrieve Clinical Data Remotely with Lumanent Connect

Safeguard HEDIS and Risk Adjustment Operations While Reducing Costs

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For these provider groups, enter your total number of charts pulled annually

Your Savings Estimate

Using Health Fidelity

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To mitigate the disruptions of the COVID-19 crisis, Health Fidelity is offering Lumanent Connect as a stand-alone solution for electronic remote chart retrieval.

With these two inputs, we aim to provide an estimated savings opportunity specific to your organization. When selecting your data points, please note:

  • Chart volume is not the same as member volume. In our experience, vendors bill per chart pulled, and often a single member could require multiple chart pulls.
  • Consider both the risk adjustment and quality requirements when entering your total pulled chart volume.
  • Currently Lumanent Connect is not economically viable for low volumes of medical chart retrieval. If you don’t see numbers on the scale that reflect your utilization, it’s because it’s outside of our break-even range.

Avoid disruptions, acquire medical records remotely for a flat fee.

Medical Record Retrieval Savings Lumanent Connect

With COVID-19, manual chart retrieval will be virtually impossible for the foreseeable future as steps are taken to limit contact as the public health crisis continues. With an automated, remote extraction tool in place, you can greatly reduce your dependence on traditional chart retrieval methods.

Lumanent Connect is rapidly deployed remotely, highly adaptable, EHR agnostic, and light-weight, with virtually no IT burden. Charts obtained electronically are available in real-time and include all the necessary HEDIS and encounter-level data required for internal operations.

Lumanent Connect can be tailored to your organization’s individual needs

A simple solution that works with any EHR*

Medical Record Retrieval Savings

*Lumanent Connect does not require any API of any kind to integrate, only that an EHR have a print record function

Risk Adjustment Case Study

A large provider-sponsored plan in the Pacific Northwest used Health Fidelity’s Lumanent Connect technology to retrieve records for approximately 35,000 members treated at employed provider sites located throughout Oregon and Washington.

Once login credentials for read-only access to the Epic EHR system were obtained, the Lumanent Connect software extracted the relevant medical records and securely transmitted them as PDF files to Health Fidelity’s data warehouse. By taking advantage of Lumanent Connect technology, the health plan efficiently acquired the necessary medical records and eliminated the need to contact and coordinate with dozens of provider locations. Data was preserved in its original EHR format for maximum readability, and virtually no effort was required on the part of either the health plan or its network providers. With this one-time setup, data can now be extracted on an ongoing basis.

A total of about 450,000 records were immediately available for ingestion by Health Fidelity’s analytics and coding applications, Lumanent Suspects and Lumanent Retrospective Review. The health plan’s Director of Risk Adjustment Coding Compliance commented, “I am pleased that Lumanent Connect has allowed us to achieve our productivity goal of reviewing all high-risk membership for risk adjustment.”

Let us help you tailor Lumanent Connect to your organization’s individual needs.